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We have questions for you......
If you are interested in adopting
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a particular litter or color
please fill out as completely as possible
all the questions below.

We know that some of the questions seem personal
&/or odd but the more we know about you
the better able we are to help you find
that perfect companion.

17-20 years is a long time. Its a life time.
Their Lifetime.
We want our kittens to be Happy in their Forever Home.
We do our best to make good matches for them.

Contact us for more information about our current
or upcoming litters.  

To request information about the adoption of one of our
Fur Children scroll on to the
Kitty Questionnaire below
or you may email us directly at
Email us directly at :
Kittie Questionnaire
Please give me your Name   and  email address.
I get to the emails generally late in the day.  

Phone number is not required but we might want to chat.
I wont call without emails first and never after 7pm
How many people reside in your household, and what are their ages?
Please tell us all about yourselves.
Do you own or rent?
If you Rent how long have you lived there and does your landlord allow
pets.  Would they be able to send a letter stating that.
How many pets do you currently own?  Are they spayed/neutered?
Please tell us about them.
Have any of your other current pets been diagnosed with
FIP, FeLV ,mange, diabetes etc.
Have you ever had a pet put down and if so, what were the reasons
for this decision?
Please give us the Name Address and Phone number of your current Vet.
Are you able to obtain a letter of reference from your
veterinary service provider?

If not why not?
Do you travel often or for long periods of time?
What arrangements do you make for the care of your pets?
Tell us about the kind of kitten you are looking for....Is there a particular
sex or color? Purrsonality type.. Lovebug, lap cat, Maineiac?  
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