The Summer Garden
The Deer feed along the creek in the
back yard, we see lots of them and
sometimes they come through the yard
and eat all my Nasturtiums!!
'The Jungle' is getting a rework this summer, a bit of major
maintenance.  We've  removed the palm trees and fountain and are re
stabilizing the ramps, re-sanding in the bricks etc
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Some of the kids in the Tree House.  We enclosed a tree
that they might play in it.  We have several platforms
higher up for them to sit on as well.  This is the main level.
Our Shaded patios, picnic tables and
chairs for afternoon lunches or quiet
reading time in the garden.
Our early 'starts' became
our Summer Blossoms and vegetables
At long last an updated video.  Its a wild garden more or less.  The Iris and
Lilac have come and gone, the Peone are about to bloom! we have a riot of
fragrant roses,  the Lavender is up but not blossomed, a host of vegie starts
look promising for summer harvest and the cats of course run in the ramps
and habitats and watch me as I plant.  
We got the shade pavilions up last
weekend.   The mulch went in just after
these pix were taken.

You can tell our bicycles haven't
gotten much use.....