The Summer Garden
The Deer feed along the creek in the
back yard, we see lots of them and
sometimes they come through the yard
and eat all my Nasturtiums!!
Some of our little girls in the Skyway
between the Jungle and the Tree house.
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Nov 1, 2016  

Our Summer Glory has long gone leggy and to seed
The Fountains are silent.
The Creek, our green Summer Oasis
is now cold, full and winter grim.

The tattered remains of vibrant flowers shiver in the
wind that carries the last echo of summer in the scent
of the late blooming Lincoln Roses.

The cats all still go out into the
Habitats, Runs and Ramps.
Still watch the birds,
now come for the winter berries.
Then with the first drops of rain
run wet footed back across our bed
on the way back in.....
Sassy & her mother Terri
in the skyway
My Cinderella Pumpkins decided to grow up the side of
'The Jungle'.. I so hope their vines are strong enough!!   
As of this posting I have the pumpkins supported in slings
hanging from the Habitat.
Our Shaded patios, picnic tables and
chairs for afternoon lunches or quiet
reading time in the garden.
Our early 'starts' became
our Summer Blossoms and vegetables
I'm afraid the video is not updated from last year :-(   I didnt get to it in June
before the horrible weeks of unexpected heat all but destroyed my flowers.
The potted Squash, Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Cucumbers etc have all
flourished but the blooms were gone before I could Video.  Pictures are all
this years blooms just not the Video.  Next year I'll get it before the heat!!
Now late in July the Sunflowers
are higher than the eves!  The
birds come to eat the seeds
providing the cats with much
Roary at the bottom level
of the tree house