Flagship and his son Keely - I just love this shot LOL
Emma - Somebodys going to Bleed!!
Bounding Maines Calliope of CoonMtn
In Menory of Bounding Maines Einstein
BoundingMaines Auralia of Nepetacoons - England
Trillcats Sea Chantey of BoundingMaines
Bounding Maines Endeavour
In Memory

I wish the Rainbow Bridge had a phone ... so I could hear your meow again.
I thought of you today ... but that's nothing new.
I thought of you yesterday and the day before that too.
I think of you in silence and often speak your name.
All I have are memories and pictures in a frame.
Lost to a house fire in Mississippi January 2011
Einstein                           2009
Born brain damaged and gone
before his time.  
Beloved of Helen and Brenda
Champion BoundingMaines Endeavour
of illness January 2011
Sailor   - Cumbercoons Ensign of BoundingMaines

"Mr. Hicky", just 16 months old, who always sucked my
neck.  Lost to Saddle Thrombosis
(a blood clot in the spine)    May 2, 2011
I miss you sweet boy...
"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more
temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often
breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no
other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never
fully understanding the necessary plan." ----Irving Townsend.
Bounding Maines The Gilded Age
AKA  Louie
Lost in InnerSpace...
Into any normal healthy family sometimes comes an accident of birth. Our sweet
Henry is such a one. Born with only one lung inflating, a trachea to small, and a host
of other issues.  The Vet said he wouldn't live a year and wanted his body.  His
breeding Cattery refused to put him down, allowing him all the life he might have
despite his both obvious and hidden issues.

In spite of the predictions Henry prospered and achieving  the magic year they felt
he would do better in a home with less competition, asking  us to take him for
however much time he might still have.  He is a beautiful boy with silken fur, a lovely
pattern, and eyes... Oh my!  Green to rival the first neon shoots of spring.  The
pictures don't come close to doing justice to those beautiful eyes.
Look into my eyes.....
I live perpetually in a state of
Hello!!  You smell nice....purrrr...
(30 seconds later..)
HI?  do I know you?  Love me!
(30 seconds later..)
Ooop Hello!  its me again...purrr...
Scratch my butt.
Look!!  Invisible Friends!!..gotta go---->
This IS my Happy Face!!
But he never forgets where the litter box is.  Plays how big his butt is and uses it
effectively to oust anyone from a desired perch. Sails gleefully from the floor to
the bed in the dead of night to land unerringly on the most inconvenient of
areas. And then wonders what the fuss is all about....

He gives the sweetest kisses,  and like "the Tootsie Pop Owl ...its 3 licks and a
bite".  We call him 'The Nibblemeister' as he always cleans his biting spot.   
He is our
Precious Pest
Like Dorey from ' Finding Nemo'...sweet, irritating, odd....and loved.

(Henry is Not part of the breeding program. Nor is he available for adoption).
It was in Rhode Island that we met Louie,  A rescued, congenitally deaf, blue eyed white Persian who had fallen on
hard times. Literally at deaths door, sick, weak, broken, nothing but bones, brittle hair  bleached purple and ping
pong ball blue eyes. Heartbreakingly pitiful our little “tough guy” had nothing but ATTITUDE. To weak to cross the
room much less defend himself or get on the furniture.  He still managed to tree Emma & Henry for weeks.  

He became "The Carpet Shark" cruising the floors of the house looking for someone to intimidate. All talk, he'd
protest a hug just on principle.  Like one of the wind up cars you push along the floor a few times and let go...give
Louie some cuddles and love and put him down...he scrunches up like an accordion and zooms off in search of the
nearest 'victim'.   The other cats, with their perfect hearing, have heard the Threatening Grumble of impending
DOOM and gone to the high ground, even a chair is to high for Louie and his damaged shoulders to climb.  So close
and yet so far...the 'neener neener' factor is big here.

We are now some years down the line and still marching to the tune he set, and that clock in his head.  TUNA!!, The
2 O'clock LOVE, the 9 O'clock MILK, the Sunday BATH, the middle of the night heartbroken WAIL    "I am ALONE!"   
that has long since given way to the bedside demand.. UP!!
damn it!   A ball of silken thistledown he waddles cheerfully
in search of larger companions to tackle or chase.

We know very little about his origins but Sapphires in the Snow came from a now defunct Cattery in RI. We know his
Sire was called ACE and out of a cattery in Las Vegas.  Hes about 13 years old now.  He is well trained (and has
been instrumental in training us) for a life in the show hall. Should some Breeder of Persians stumble across our site
and have any 'guess' we'd love to hear from you.
(The 'Grumble Bunny' is not available for adoption)
Our sweet boy is now 13 years old.  (Pthpt! so much for the Dr's predictions!) 16lbs of love on padded feet. He doesn't have a brain in
his little head. He's got the attention span of a gerbil, an overbite, excessive sabre tooth fangs, his tiny front teeth never came in so he
runs around with his tongue perpetually sticking out - and he drools.  At least once a week he runs into the living room ....and stops
dead in his tracks...as though .....he has never seen it .....before....  and when frightened he goes to the closet and sits facing the
corner.  We have NO idea...but at least hes easy to find.
In loving Memory of
who left us in May of 2012
at the age of 12 years.
After 8 years, an old man
with a failing liver
Louie departed quietly in
September of 2013.
We miss you Grumble Bunny.
Our Sweet Boy at 10 months
March 22nd, 2014

Our Catteries first cat,  our first Stud, our first Love.
It is with heartbreak that we acknowledge the loss of Skippers to non-genetic
cancer of the spleen and liver.   
The children of his sweet spirit live on from coast to coast and across the pond.
The Devil in disguise at 3 months
I Believe I can Fly!!
CHKoontyme Flagship

Bounding Maines
In loving Memory of
CoonPlay Maxx
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Emma Jo at 10 weeks
I think I can take him!
Now the Lady Emma is our Poster Child for Perfect Paw Placement. Miss Priss.
Shes dead on every time, whether shes air born over the furniture, catching
anything that moves or contemplating mayhem.  Her execution is carefully
considered and gracefully perfect.  If she were an Olympic Gymnast she could
'stick it' every time.

The Grand Lady and oldest of our house, she loves her afternoon walks out onto
the dunes where for some years she has been digging one particular hole to
China - where she no doubt intends to escape to.

Emma is also our 'Runner'. Her Chip, Tags, Collar, Harness, Leash and our Never
Ending Vigilance are the only defense against her absolute WILL to go OUT.       
The Lady Perfect has a real wild side.

And No, the outside run, spacious, multi-leveled, full of growing things and
burbling fountains will not do. It is not enough and does not constitute OUT as far
as she is concerned.
Le Grand Dame
7 yrs old
Emmie  at 5 yrs old
(Miss Emma every day)
CoonMountain Emma

Bounding Maines
2011     Lady Emma
10 years old
Feb 2017   Miss Emma
now 16 years old
Our First Maine Coon, Our First Love
Our deepest heartbreak
Miss Em departed for the Rainbow Bridge
Age 17, July 17, 2017 at 417pm
Go in Peace sweet spirit.  You are Loved.
Kissed by Fire  aka Kissie