We have found these sites useful and informative in learning about the Breed and hope you will as well.
The Friends of Bounding Maines

They also subscribe to the Breeders Code of Ethics, run annual genetic testing on their
breeding stock and guarantee the soundness & health of the Kittens they place. Should
we have no kittens available we recommend you check with any of these Catteries.
Cat Registry
Health Related Sites
About Maine Coons
More Information on all these topics and the specifics of most Cat Breeds can be found at the CFA and TICA
sites and we strongly urge anyone considering the acquisition of any cat to spend some time in their pages.
More Education & Information
Look for a GOOD Veterinarian
The Merry Maines
by Garnet Quinn

There are 7 books in this series
Treehousekitties.com - The Cat Lovers Online Directory!
BoundingMaines & CoonMountain
are proud to be
Breeder Members of the MCBFA
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