Our Girls
RW, CHBoundingMaines

Mistral de Whimsy
CH Cumbercoon Silvara
Bounding   Maines
CH TT Cats
Black Licorice
aka Jetty
A Rose in Winter
The last child of my much loved line of Thieves.
A Poly Line. The Line of Anne P McKimm.
Annie was my heart and through her daughter
we hope to pass that wise, wild, intelligent gene
to the next generation.
Her planned breedings are

2017 to Song of Ice and Fire
Gallery 1
Gallery 2
The lovely Rose, last daughter of
CoonMtn MeadowLark will be giving us  
a litter in Summer 2019
Kissed by Fire
To a young Breeder I mentored I gave 2 beautiful girls.
To honor our loved friend, lost to Cancer.
We promised Miss Kandy that the children of these returning girls,
her Sea Sprites, will carry the sur name of Seaton
- that she is not forgotten
2018 & 2019 Regional Winner
 Quad. Grand Champion
Koontyme Madeleine
We thank Dawn Hunt of Koontyme in Indiana for this stunning girl.
She is delightful and a hopeless flirt.  
The Judges love her, sooo much purrsonality.
The lovely Miss Jetty
came to us a few months back
from our dear friend Terri
across the bay.
She joins the ladies of the
CoonMountain Line

Sometime in 2019
we hope to put her
to the Mighty Tinker
The beautiful and unique Miss Silvie
a child of Cumbercoon,
joins us from our friend Betty
in Tennessee.
Her grand daughter
Spitfires Annie PP Seaton,
child of Beauregard P Seaton
will be joining
the Queens of Bounding Maines
in 2020
Missy Kissy is a tiny girl born of large parents.
Sweet as a summer day. She has just given us a
litter of lovely mahogany red babies in March
2019.  Those babies can be viewed on the Kittens
pages and we will likely now Retire her.  

Please contact us regarding her adoption.